A unique, interactive, fun and energetic workshop to bring your team together, improve on their communication abilities, inspire creativity and high energy. During this training, aspects of acting and theatre techniques will be used to build team dynamics, morale, build compassion, acceptance, create ensemble work, and improve active listening and speaking skills in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment.
The day will consist of team building and communication based activities, such as trust exercises, theatre games, improvisation, ensemble performances, and will culminate in devising a short uplifting scene. Acting techniques like improvisation, compel you to listen carefully to what is being said in order to respond appropriately and spontaneously. You also have to buy in to the notion of “yes” in order to continue the scene that is on stage. Accepting suggestions and ideas before dismissing them, is a skill that can be taken into the workplace and improve team dynamics, cooperation and improve efficiency within your organization.


  • This training doesn’t just provide you with the skills to present well but coaches you to really overcome your fear of public speaking by building you up and this encourages a shift in perspective to enjoy and have fun with the whole experience of connecting with an audience to share our message! (Public Speaking Training)

    Danielle Bragg - Holistic Health
  • Thank you for providing insight into what we do and how we can do it even more effectively! Your course was very enjoyable. (Public Speaking & Building Rapport Training)

    Claire Walker - Devere Acuma
  • The sessions with you were invaluable and effective. I now have confidence in myself that I can actually do this! (Public Speaking Training)

    Catherine Hanson - REP’s Middle East