In our Theatre in Education workshops, we use drama as a very useful tool in enhancing self-confidence and improving communication skills. Drama lessons are about creating an atmosphere of trust, in which every student feels equally valued as a class-member, and children are inspired to develop their imaginations and creativity. Through theatre in education, each child should be given the support to feel capable of taking on challenges without fear of failure.

During drama workshops for schools, the students involved develop a long list of skills namely: leadership, team work, compromise, listening and presentation skills, self-esteem, self-acceptance, acceptance of others, empowerment, pride in work, responsibility, problem solving and management. We keep class sizes to a minimum and do not recommend exceeding a capacity of 20 students per class to give each child the attention they deserve. Duration of the lesson can be between 60 – 90 minutes depending on the ages of the students.



School workshops cover the basic areas of drama such as:

  • Warm-ups both Vocal and Physical
  • Games: Drama, Physical, Rhythm
  • Concentration & Team Building Exercises
  • Movement Exercises and Mime Characterisation
  • Improvisation Techniques and Exercises
  • Script Work
Furthermore, we can tailor make any course to suit the needs and compliment any current class work the students may be exploring as part of their school curriculum. If you are particularly interested in a specific area of drama/performance for your school workshop, for example, ‘Voice for the Stage’ or ‘Characterisation’, then entire drama workshops can be run on that particular topic.