Effective communication is key to building successful relationships. When dealing with clients and customers, it is important that you are able to make a positive impression that will propel your business relationship forward. You will achieve this by building rapport with your clients. 
At times, nerves, anxiety, stress, and distraction can wreak havoc on a meeting or new business relationship. In our Rapport Building Training, you will be guided through personal interactions and how to ensure that you are presenting your best self, while connecting with the person in front of you. If you wish to understand how to harmoniously exist with another person, it is important to become aware of the ways in which people connect, both consciously and subconsciously, physically and verbally. 
During our training, we will discover ways for you to build connections with your colleagues and clients and improve these relationships so that you have the ability to relate to others in a way that creates a level of trust and understanding. It is important to build rapport with your clients and colleagues as it encourages their unconscious mind to accept and begin to process your suggestions; you will gain the skills to make people feel comfortable, relaxed and open to suggestions.
We will focus on clear strategies to improve your effectiveness in listening and speaking skills by using an array of practical exercises . These will include: voice and speech exercises; various acting techniques, verbal and non-verbal understanding; body language and mirroring/adjustment; and other effective strategies to build trust in the workplace and with potential clients.
  • This training doesn’t just provide you with the skills to present well but coaches you to really overcome your fear of public speaking by building you up and this encourages a shift in perspective to enjoy and have fun with the whole experience of connecting with an audience to share our message! (Public Speaking Training)

    Danielle Bragg - Holistic Health
  • Thank you for providing insight into what we do and how we can do it even more effectively! Your course was very enjoyable. (Public Speaking & Building Rapport Training)

    Claire Walker - Devere Acuma
  • The sessions with you were invaluable and effective. I now have confidence in myself that I can actually do this! (Public Speaking Training)

    Catherine Hanson - REP’s Middle East