Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is essential to success in professional and public life. Centre Stage public speaking coaching helps people create simple, clear and concise presentations and deliver them effectively and convincingly. Centre Stage Presentation Skills training is practical, fun and most of all inspiring. Many people find public speaking to be a daunting experience, however, our sessions are fun because we know that by learning in a relaxed environment we will perform our best when we feel confident.
The Trainer, Helena Panayis has garnered a wealth of knowledge and expertise from her years of stage performance, corporate sector experience and running her own theatre production company, and also as a qualified Teacher of Speech & Drama, having been awarded the Licentiate Teachers’s Diploma of the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LLAM). She draws upon a wealth of theatre skills, performance and communication techniques to teach business executives wishing to improve their public speaking abilities, using an effective 4 step method. 


Vocal Exercises and Body Language

Aim: You will learn vocal exercises to develop vocal projection, articulation, pace, pitch, breath control and support, posture, gesture, and movement.  
Outcome: We will improve your stage presence using practical vocal and breathing exercises and body language warm ups.

Content & Structure

Aim: You will learn the importance of preparation, organisation, framing, narrative, messaging and the use of various visuals aids including powerpoint.
Outcome: You will improve your knowledge using direct briefings on best practice, case study examples, practical tips and rules.

Engaging with your Audience

Aim: You will learn how to connect and interact with your audience securely and maintain their attention, interest and respect and be prepared to answer any questions confidently. Break the ice at the beginning and call to action at the end. How to handle difficult questions.
Outcome: Improve your interpersonal skills using role play exercises and discussions.

Presenting Quality

Aim: To deliver your presentations with improved confidence, stage presence and impact.
Outcome: We will coach you through practice presentations on your own subjects of knowledge. We will provide with constructive feedback and practical personal coaching.

  • This training doesn’t just provide you with the skills to present well but coaches you to really overcome your fear of public speaking by building you up and this encourages a shift in perspective to enjoy and have fun with the whole experience of connecting with an audience to share our message! (Public Speaking Training)

    Danielle Bragg - Holistic Health
  • Thank you for providing insight into what we do and how we can do it even more effectively! Your course was very enjoyable. (Public Speaking & Building Rapport Training)

    Claire Walker - Devere Acuma
  • The sessions with you were invaluable and effective. I now have confidence in myself that I can actually do this! (Public Speaking Training)

    Catherine Hanson - REP’s Middle East