Payment Terms

The ‘sign up’ button below will direct you to the registration form, please complete the registration form and send it via email to to receive your written confirmation of a place on the course, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours. Upon receiving written confirmation payment will need to be made in advance of the first teaching lesson and no later than a week prior to the course start date.

Payment details are mentioned below. All payments for classes attended at a school should be made to the responsible ASA coordinator or school cashier, unless otherwise stated by your school. Fee payment for students attending classes at Emirates Academy must be made via bank transfer to Centre Stage Events FZ LLE prior to commencing the course. Please ensure to quote your child’s full name on transfer payment details in order to confirm and trace payment.

Fees are paid per term in advance. Each term will consist of approximately 10 – 12 weeks. Term dates will run in accordance to the academic term of KHDA.
Act 1 1265 AED per term
Age: 5 - 7 Class Duration: 60 minutes
Act 2 1265 AED per term
Age: 8 - 11 Class Duration: 60 minutes
Act 3 1485 AED per term
Age: 12 - 16 Class Duration: 90 minutes