Pupils are encouraged to explore a wide range of drama, poetry, prose, performance techniques and drama games. They will develop using various techniques and learn to express themselves through their bodies and through language.

Children attend these classes once a week and are involved in a series of fun-filled activities which aim to develop on-going Confidence, Communication, Speech and Self Esteem, achieved through participation in a range of creative activities including, Improvisation, Speech, Creative Reading, Poetry, Prose, Stories, Creative Movement, Role Play, Drama Games, Exploring with Props, Mask Work, Sight Reading, Theatre Terminology and Introduction to Monologues.
The students are offered the opportunity to work towards the Optional LAMDA Preliminary and Preparatory Examinations with accredited certification.


  • The classes at Centre Stage Speech & Drama are fantastic, my son spends the whole week looking forward to them. He absolutely loves the stage and has become more articulate and expressive since he attends. They are fun and active and the children learn whilst engaged in imaginative and creative play. Highly recommended!

    Noelia Corte
  • My daughter absolutely loves the classes at Centre Stage Speech & Drama. Helena is an amazing teacher and is adored by all the children. Classes are small and everyone there is so friendly. My daughter has blossomed and gained so much confidence since starting with them…

    Caryn Mizar
  • Excellent teaching and training given to students to prepare them for their LAMDA exams. I am very happy with my daughters progress.

    Fazeela Gopalani
  • My 15 year old daughter Aliya has been attending drama classes with Helena for two-three years now and waits every September for them to resume. She finishes her work in time on days she has a class so she is not late. Now why that is a huge plus point in favour of Centre Stage is ...that as parents we enrol our kids in various classes and then find ourselves fighting an uphill battle getting them to attend them when the novelty wears off.

    Shahana Raza
  • My son has been attending to centre stage drama classes for 3 years. He loves it and benefits a lot. Teachers are excellent and professional.

    Banu Ozcelik
  • Thank you Lauren and Helena for being such wonderful instructors, for boosting the confidence children have in themselves and for providing an environment that stimulates their imagination and creativity. Thank you also for your effort in helping my son work towards his LAMDA accreditation.

    Lionel Mathias