Acting classes for younger children, to take them on many exciting adventures! Includes Drama Games, Singing, Role Play and much much more!

Established in 2007, Centre Stage Productions provides high quality children’s musicals touring from the London’s West End theatre district!

Working towards LAMDA Accredited Acting Examinations, children will actively develop their Improvisation, Script Work, Characterisation and a lot more!

Age Group 1 ( 5 - 7 years )
Drama classes for younger children are designed to take them on many exciting adventures, where they are free to explore the wonderful world of drama.
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Age Group 2 (8-11 years)
Pupils are encouraged to explore a wide range of drama, poetry, prose, performance techniques and drama games.
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Age Group 3 (12-16 years)
Classes provide our young performers a platform where they can explore and communicate creative ideas, thoughts and feelings.
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